Brand Specific Consulting.

Brand Specific Consulting Service consists of custom tailored consultant for all the steps necessary in order to make the brands successful in USA. In this consulting service, all needs of the companies to enter US market and make their brands successful in USA are defined, discussed and implemented. With this service, GroNavi aims to describe and manage all steps until the retail products are on shelves in US market.

1st Phase: Product & Pricing Strategy

  • Selecting and defining the suitable and distinctive product/service selection for target market through detailed research and analysis
  • Identifying the competition and competitive brands landscape
  • Defiining the specific advantage of the product/service (niche) over the competition for the US market
  • Customization and localization support for offered product / service
  • Definition of go-to-market strategy (right market segment & territory etc.)
  • Identifying the specific states / regions opportunities for the product / service
  • Definition of the targeted US consumer segment
  • Analysis of the relevant U.S. industry and target optimum pricing for the consumer of the product / service
  • Identification of the price segments depending on the market share
  • Defining the partners and sales channels on pricing strategy

2nd Phase: Launch Strategy & Implementation

  • Office and company setup (if applicable)
  • HR recruitment (if applicable)
  • Visa / licence / legal consulting (if applicable)
  • Commerce legal consulting depending on state and federal laws
  • Tax analysis and consulting (State and local tax considerations, including personal and real property taxes, income taxes etc.)
  • Insurance consulting
  • Introduction to relevant institutions, trade associations,
  • Partners selection
  • Identification of the quality assurance policies

3rd Phase: Promotion Strategy & Implementation

  • Marketing, media and advertising agency/ freelancer selection and introduction
  • Defining an effective distribution of product / service strategy
  • Promotion & pricing strategy support (fairs, exhibitions, sponsorships etc.)
  • Identifying distribution strategy and channels, franchise rules and strategies, sales channels (online and offline)
  • Defining the after sales services (call center, help line, product / service question line etc.)

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