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What is XtoUS?

GroNavi’s new initiative XtoUS is a new service to help Turkish companies introduce their brands in the US market as a native US brand. Our goal is to work with a small number of companies to re-imagine their products with regards to the realities of the US market. This is different from offering products online or selling them on fringe or ethnic markets in the US. We will work with our customers using available market research data to get their products rebranded.

Concrete Outcomes

  • Incorporation in the US
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory in the US
  • Entering eCommerce channels
  • Setting up sales meetings with buyers & brokers
  • Networking
  • Attending Expo or Fancy Trade Shows

What We Offer

Industry Analysis

  • Category Insights Reports – Local and Global
  • Review & Deep Dive Analysis

Product – Fit Analysis

  • US Product Fit Analysis (Retail & E-Commerce)
  • Analysis of Competitors

New York Visit

  • Market Visit
  • Meeting w/ Industry Experts
  • Lectures About Marketing
  • Min. 3 Interviews with buyers & brokers

Consultation for…

  • Company Establishment in US
  • Logistics

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