Grow your business in
US Market

Why US Market?

  • The US is the World’s biggest market for FMCG.
  • Open market for sellers anywhere in the world (2.4 Trillion USD /year imports)
  • Turkish firms’ total volume of exports to US is 0.4% of their yearly imports. This makes Turkey the 34th largest exporter to the US. There is a huge opportunity for growth here.
  • Fair market rules with high stability.
  • US market diversity adds immunity against economical fluctuations, especially in regards to Eurasia.
  • Having a foothold in US means easy access to cutting edge technology and talent which will contribute a lot for your brand in the global market and at home.

Our Work

Growth Navigator (GroNavi) is a growth facilitator, brand building company that navigates companies to enter US market and make their brands successful in USA. Growth Navigator provides insight and information about brand & US market analysis, product development strategies, branding and ultimately brand lunch and penetration in US market. GroNavi aims to describe and manage all steps until the retail products are on shelves in US market.

GroNavi has two main services for companies to make their brands successful in USA:

What We Do?

Product &
Pricing Strategy

Launch Strategy & Implementation

Promotion Strategy & Implementation


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